At Hebert Group we wanted to take time today to recognize the contributions of women in our industry.

From female producers to ag influencers and women who work full time on the farm to those who balance off-farm employment and being a Mom (the most important job there is!), there are so many opportunities and roles for women in agriculture.

I think the Hebert Group is a great example.

Hebert Grain Ventures’ controller, Mariah, runs the financial day-to-day on the farm. 

Theresa Hebert is a partner of Hebert Group, she does a great deal of community outreach, does meals in the field during the busy growing season, and she pitches in wherever is needed.

Courtney at HGV manages Kristjan’s schedule, does parts runs, moves vehicles, and gets her hands dirty with any other odd job required.

Jenn at Maverick Ag is a trusted advisor for a large number of Saskatchewan farms in planning their risk management strategy.  

Founding partner Karen Hebert, though semi-retired, still helps with bookkeeping, is active in the community and provides meals in the field during the busy season.

Maverick Ag’s Stephanie is a key advisor to many of our progressive farm clients and manages the Deep Roots Foundation, Hebert Group’s Foundation focused on contributions to Agriculture, Athletics and Community development.

As for myself, I wear many different hats within our organization. I’m the controller of our consulting company, Maverick Ag, administrator and creative lead with our executive management training program Farmer Coach. I’ve been able to grow professionally as our company grows as a single mother raising my beautiful daughter Norah, which is something I’m extremely proud of. 

I could go on. Hebert Group has female partners, administrators, machinery operators, managers and advisors. Women are involved in every area of our operation, something I think we have in common with many farm businesses.

Right person, right role. This is one of our fundamental beliefs and one I think fits perfectly. 

Whatever way you choose to contribute to our industry, whatever brings you joy and fulfills a need in your operation, we recognize the value of those contributions and are thankful for you. I’m proud to be a woman in agriculture amongst so many other incredible female leaders who are moving our industry forward.


Lauren Parker

Hebert Group


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